SG2 Analog Product of the Year 2008
TONE Audio Magazine

The SG2 embodies everything we believe to be important in a successful turntable design. The basis of the Spiral Groove design is our constrained layer platform approach. Three dissimilar thickness aluminum layers, sandwich two layers of damping material, forming a dense, stiff, and well damped platform to which we can precisely mount the working bits of the turntable. Each "functioning" part of the turntable is provided with it's own isolated layer to carry out its particular function.

The Spiral Groove armboard for the SG2 is mounted from underneath with six bolts, bypassing the bottom two layers of aluminum to as to keep the three layers mechanically isolated. The armboard can be drilled for any tonearm that is 10" and will accomodate most 12" arms. The tolerances are such that you can have multiple arms "pre set-up" on multiple armboards to switch for your favorite cartridge selection.

We believe that SG2 represents a significant value in the world of high performance turntables. It shares so much in terms of design implementaton and materials with the SG1.1, it can be difficult to understand how the SG1.1 might significantly surpass what has been accomplished with this model. However, one listen and the magic found in the execution details of the SG1.1 tells th whole story.

SG2 Features & Specifications

  • Aluminum platter ring concept for high inertia and for in stability
  • Inverted sapphire disc/hardened steel ball bearing for low noise and long wear
  • Electronically selectable speed control with fine adjustment: 33 1/3 & 45 rpm
  • Removable arm board
  • Spindle de-coupled from bearing for optimal mechanical isolation of record
  • Platter driven at rotational plane of bearing for wobble-free revolution
  • Low voltage/high torque AC synchronous motor
  • Adjustable, decoupled, aluminum feet
  • Dimensions: 470 x 380 x 115 mm
  • Weight: 23kg