Centroid tonearm and SG1.1 turntable
Analog Products of the Year 2013, Stereophile

SG1 Grand Prix Award 2007
Stereo Sound (Japan)

Taking the same path, where the SG2 leaves off, the Sg1.1 begins. The differences between the SG2 and SG1.1 turntables are seemingly small, as the two turntables share so many of the same components. However, where they differ pays large dividends in performance. The primary difference one sees in the silver colored SG1.1 is that the body is comprised of two separate constrained layer platforms. These two, mirror imaged platforms are separated by four carefully position elastomers, which mechanically decouple the two assemblies.

Like the SG2, the feet and motor are attached to the botom two layers for maximum isolation from the rest of the turntable. The SG1.1 motor is mounted to the thickest layer of the lower constrained layer platform where the motor is de-coupled mounted to a thick bronze ring. The ring is mounted to sink energy into the layer, further dissipating residual noise from the motor. The higher mass stainless steel adjustable feet are mounted to the lowest layer on the SG1.1 and help to create further noise filtering over the SG2 aluminum versions of the same design. As with the SG2, the thickest layer of the upper platform is where the bearing and platter are mounted, completely separated from the lower platform that houses the motor and feet. It is this separation of the active motor assembly from the upper layer that is largely responsible for the distancing of the SG1.1's performance over the SG2. The top mmost aluminum armboard layer is the same as the SG2, but with a lovely twist, so to speak.

The armboard of the SG1.1 is fitted with a stainless steel bayonet mounting system, that with the push of a button and a slight twist, is easily removed from the turntable. This unique system allows for multitude of arm and cartridge set-ups to be waiting in the wings, for simple and perfect re-attachment with another twist, fully locked in and secure. Yes, once a cartridge and are are fully set up, detachment and re-attachment with the bayonet mount will provide perfect alignment, every time.

So how do the two turntable differ in performance? As one would hope, the Sg2 is every bit a Spiral Groove table as the Sg1.1. As such, they share the same sonic signature and attributes. However, the lower residual noise floor on the SG1.1 reveals not just nuances, but shear clarity that us only missed in the SG2 when compared to it's larger brother. The SG1.1 breathes both low level and high level dynamics more convincingly. And in a very apparent way, the SG1.1 provides superior low frequency extension and drive that is felt, not just heard. One might suspect that the SG1.1 is a more exciting presentation, and indeed it is exciting. However, the authoritative calm of the SG1.1 is a window into the soul of the performers, removing itself from the equation, letting just what is on the vinyl do the talking, and nothing more.


SG1.1 features and specifications

  • Oversized stainless steel platter DriveRing for increased inertia and speed stability
  • Inverted sapphire disc/hardened steel polished ball bearing for low noise and long wear
  • Electronically selectable speed control with fine adjustment: 331/3 & 45 rpm
  • Quick-change bayonet mounted arm board
  • Spindle de-coupled from bearing for optimal mechanical isolation of record
  • Platter driven at fulcrum of bearing for wobble-free revolution
  • Low durometer round belt
  • Low voltage/high torque AC synchronous motor with proprietary phase control to eliminate cogging
  • Adjustable, decoupled, stainless steel feet
  • Dimensions: 480 x 380 x 115 mm
  • Weight: 32kg