LeadingEdge – high-performance support systems and room acoustics treatment


LeadingEdge brings to the world of hi-fi a comprehensive range of equipment supports and room acoustics products of outstanding performance and quality.

LeadingEdge was formed in April 2011 and is owned 50/50 by Kaiser Acoustics GmbH and Vertex AQ Limited. LeadingEdge brings together the business, technology and manufacturing skills from the parent companies to provide a complete and integrated solution that's scaleable and progressive in its application. And our dealers are part of the team too – they receive extensive training and support to ensure you get the best advice possible.

There are plenty of options to suit every requirement – you can start with just a few items, then continue to build an elegant, high-performance installation that will take your hi-fi and listening room to amazing levels of style and musicality.


Our philosophy is simple – a good hi-fi system not only requires great electronics and speakers, but also the correct conditions to operate in. To achieve this to the standards that customer's now demand, the industry needs new levels of technology, design and integration for system infrastructure and room acoustic equipment.

And this is where we focus our efforts – with products that are comprehensive in their ability to tackle problems such as structural vibration, electro-magnetic interference and local sound pressure/velocity interference, as well as acoustic room modes and airmass velocity intermodulation. And performance has to be outstanding – in all types of systems and rooms.

We also require that our systems integrate seamlessly, and where possible the technology is discreetly hidden away so that our designs are beautiful in their appearance.