Our Story

A few Engineers and Musicians were frustrated with our inability to capture the emotional content of our live or studio performances. Irritated that our investment in recording equipment had fallen short of our goal, we examined our situation.

Our gear was from highly regarded manufacturers and upgrading the equipment was not an option. Our resolve was to produce the best from our substantial investment; we turned to power and cabling. The initial cabling prototypes provided a massive improvement in our quality of recording and playback. It is amazing how we, like others, overlooked a key portion of the recording/playback system. This fueled our research and development of a cost effective way to enhance our systems.

Our success spawned a new company with focus on transmitting the media (music) as it travels within the recording equipment without alteration. We discovered that the transmission media (wire conductors) were not the main issue. The external factors and transmission of noise from device to device, such as external effects loops; group delay and reactance had enormous impact on the resulting quality of sound.

The goal of EnKlein cables and power cords is not to tweak or tune the music; cables are not tone controls; rather to preserve and reproduce the soul of music.

We utilize premium conductors and terminations in all of our products based upon your needs. The value comes from our experience in sound preservation, our proprietary shielding method not only protects the signal from the environment it is extremely effective in reducing transmission of chassis noise from one component to another.