Canalis loudspeakers

What happened to Sonics? Canalis is the re-birth and evolution of Sonics by Joachim Gerhard loudpeakers.


Attending to basics and having tight control over production and quality assurance are key to what we do at Canalis. Building our loudspeakers in the USA - including the cabinets - improves efficiency and provides access to the best technologies and materials.
Speaking of material.... In a performance oriented market like high-end audio, fiscal common sense can sometimes be set aside when pursuing that last extra special something that takes a product from merely good to extraordinary. As designers, it can be a heady feeling knowing we've discovered a new and exciting material, irrespective of costs. That excitement can sometimes lure us away from obvious solutions - even when they're not the best solution.
Inevitably, Mother Nature is smarter than us all, and when it comes to solutions, she certainly has a few trick up her sleeve. Such as ....


Every Canalis cabinet is made of bamboo. Canalis' loudspeakers application of this remarkable, environmentally friendly material is not just skin deep (although other speakers have been made with bamboo veneer finish for cosmetic reasons). Bamboo offers and ideal combination of strenght, rigidity, the ability to be precisely machined, sonic neutrality and beauty.

Our bamboo cabinet material is made of fine layers of parallel bamboo strips. The strips are kiln-dried, sanded smooth and then laminated either horizontally or vertically to create a single-ply panel. These panels are then cross-laminated to each other again, with one vertical panel flanked by two hotizontal panels to create our three-ply, cross-grain, vertical-core bamboo cabinet material.

The multi-layers are then heat-pressed together to provide stability and prevent warping. It is three to four times more dimensionally stable than oak. Due to the nature of the material, random grain structure and the material's multi-directional layering, it is extremely stiff in multiple directions and very well self damped. It's rather a Holy Grail in speaker cabinet material.

You just have to love Mother Nature.

You can see the structural integrity and inherent damping structure of the cross-laminated layers in this unfinished Anima cabinet.

Bamboo offers a subtle grain pattern, and finished in our clear polyurethane, the resulting color is our appealing Honey finish. Bamboo also takes staining well and we have chosen Cinnamon and Licorice colors as alternatice finish options. In each color, the beautiful bamboo pattern is always visible.