Owned and founded in 2010 by a talented speaker engineer Gediminas Gaidelis, AudioSolutions speakers are produced and manufactured in Vilnius, Lithuania (EU). Years of hard work and research are hidden behind this revealing short name — not only in the realm of achieving ideal sonic abilities, but also in practical realisation of pioneering ideas. There were tens of speakers, various shapes, sizes and price points, developed by the engineer prior to the Euphony and Rhapsody lines. As Euphony line is a classic Hi-Fi, Rhapsody steps firmly into High-End territory. Developing process of these fine speakers was a challenge to combine the best ideas in electronics, design and manufacturing. Even this is not enough to reach into perfection: only when the designer himself adds his own feelings and heart the true magic happens.


Rhapsody line is undoubtedly High-End class: years of experience are combined with only the best components to achieve this status. The cabinet of a Rhapsody speaker is a true engineering masterpiece: multi- layered, varying thickness MDF and plywood sandwich construction is formed into a rounded shape under intense pressure. Rhapsody speaker reminds an aeroplane’s wing internally: distinctive form and bracing makes this construction unbelievably sturdy and resonancefree. Only the best SEAS and SB Acoustics drivers are used. Crossover network is engineered in a true „audiophile“ spirit: using Jantzen capacitors and precision MOX resistors, all components are soldered pointto-point, no PCB is used. Additionally, each and every speaker in the Rhapsody line reclines back to eliminate time-domain distortions.


Euphony line is a specially developed cost effective series aiming for the best price to quality ratio in the industry. Hand made and natural wood laminated cabinets offer the best characteristics. Scan Speak tweeters and Peerless mid/bass drivers are used throughout. As in the more costly Rhapsody line, all crossovers are point-to-point soldered without a PCB to maximize the potential of the speakers. All this ensures that a listener deals with the finest examples of hand crafted quality production. Despite the modest price the Euphony speakers are capable to submerge into an unforgettable world of musical emotions — true to the statement of Mr. Gediminas Gaidelis, AudioSolutions founder: „Art and science of speaker engineering“.