Absolue Créations

Our cables are developed, designed and manufactured by hand in France and with the same ambition and care as others who develop efficient electronics or very musical speakers. All our cables are flexible and measurements emphasize an absence of distortion whilst listening shows heightened expressivity and a wider more coherent soundstage without interfering with speaker filter values or other load calculations.

We even work with classical music labels like Fondamenta to provide specific cables where measurements across the bandwidth focus on a very clear differentiation of harmonic levels.

With an ambitious development, based on the foundations of modern technology, Absolue Créations presents five complete lines of products for the most demanding audiophiles. All our cables are available in various lengths and terminations including S/PDIF, AES/EBU, RCA, XLR, spades and bananas.

ES-TIM - runs simple stranded and tinned copper with cold-forged gold-plated connectors

OP-TIM - specific dielectrics of silicon and cotton, flux concentrator, AFCEM technology

IN-TIM - cold-forged silver connectors, ARC technology, AFCEM technology, specific dielectrics of silicon and cotton, wrapping braid contains a high amount of air, extends almost into the GHz range

UL-TIM - flux concentrator and AFCEM technologies appear in double strength implementation, mechanical vibration and crosstalk management, cable diamater 2cm

TIM-Référence, Signature - high-end class cables

To this line are added the necessary accessories: digital coaxial, and USB cables, and power strip.


All these products represent the culmination of research of the brand in terms of sound reproduction.

From the purest notes to the most profound silences, you will be pleased by an accomplished musicality.