Anima CS

The Anima is our most popular loudspeaker, and offers superlative performance but the Anima CS takes the two-way monitor concept to an even higher level. The two loudspeakers are more similar than dissimilar, incorporating the same drivers, bamboo cabinet, crossover topology, premium internal wiring and Eichmann connectors. Yet, we improved upon the Anima's significant attributes to create the Anima CS. The improvements? An overall reduction in the noise level of the speaker resulting in higher resolution, and improved dynamics.

The Anima CS incorporates a number of Spiral Groove noise-reduction treatments. The first is a 3/4 inch stainless steel base. The significant mass of the stainless steel base attached to the rigid bamboo cabinet provides a nearly immovable baffle for mounting speaker drivers. This means the drivers motion is not wasted or distorted in moving the cabinet. Also, the stainless steel base provides a low vibration mounting location for the crossover. Where the Anima's crossover is mounted to the speaker's 3/4" bamboo base, the Anima CS crossover is mounted to the stainless steel base using a floating and decoupled suspension system.

On the CS crossover, we have upped the parts caliber (and cost) significantly by using only the finest capacitors and customs-designed and built low-frequency inductors designed by Spiral Groove engineer Brian Daley. The improved bass extension, clarity and transient response this one-of-a-kind inductor yields led Allen Perkins to comment that these loudspeakers are not delicate-sounding, but rather deeply nuanced. To use an automotive analogy, they have gobs of torque.

These mechanical and component details are significant in creating the low distortion, three-dimensional, high dynamic presentation of the Anima CS. It is the Anima CS' bass extension, however, that surprises first-time listeners.

To achieve these qualities, designer Joachim Gerhard uses psychoacoustics to encourage your brain to provide what physics restricts. With a keen understanding of how we process sound, Joachim uses our brain's perception mechanism to our advantage. Science has shown us that when we hear harmonincs associated with a fundamental frequency, our brain will re-create the fundamental frequency as a part of our hearing experience - even though the fundamental frequency is not actually present.

For this to occur properly and convincingly, the reproduced harmonic structure must be very accurate. The Anima CS' harmoninc accuracy is such that your brain is able to take the sonic information provided by the loudspeaker and fill in the fundamental where the speaker cannot. This is no more obvious than in the bass region, but it also is true throughout the entire frequency spectrum, and contributes to the "solid" authoritative sound from the Anima CS.

Driver Technology

The 1-inch Anima CS tweeter is a combination metal and soft-dome transducer. Loudspeaker designers, audiophiles and reviewers have long debated the merits of metal versus soft-dome - metal can yield excellent transient response, clarity and high-frequency extension, whereas soft-dome tweeters are often considered to be smoother and "sweeter". The Anima CS tweeter combines the sonic strengths of both types.

It utilizes an extremely light and stiff, aluminum-magnesium dome (most metal dome tweeters use aluminum, titanium or titanimu-composite domes) centered in a wide textile surround. The dome is distortion-free to far beyond the upper range of human hearing. Its large, supple surround increases its output and lowers the cutoff frequency, which allows very low crossover points to be used. The Anima CS version of our standard tweeter is modified for even greater resolution.

The Anima CS' 51/4" woofer/midrange cone is made with a light yet stiff ceramic-coated aluminum alloy, and specially shaped to attenuate cone breakup modes that can affect midrange and low-frequency clarity. In addition, the cone's natural breakup mode is far above its operating range. As noted, the woofer incorporated the Canalis custom-designed, noise reducing low pass coil. This exclusive driver delivers remarkable definition and wide dynamics.

Cabinet Technology

When investigating cabinet material, our goal was to find the ideal balance between beauty and performance. We were not satisfied with the thinly veneerd Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), which is often chosen for its low price and easy manufacturability. Because MDF is heavy and flexible, the sound pressure generated internally by the drivers turns the ntire cabinet into a high distortion speaker. Instead, we chose remarkable 3-ply cross-core Mao Bamboo 3/4" plywood. Our plywood incorporated a multi-dimensional constrained layer damping construction, which makes a naturally quiet material for loudspeaker cabinet. Mao Bamboo, actually a grass, is an efficiently grown renewable resource that is naturally beautiful and elegant. With custom furniture-grade craftmanship and three finishes: Honey, Cinnamon, and Licorice, the Anima CS will compliment any decor, from traditional to contemporary.


  • speaker type: 2-way, Bass Reflex, Rear Port
  • cabinet material: 3/4" 3ply, Cross-Grain, Vertical-Core MAO Bamboo, bonded with environmentally friendly NAUF glue
  • base: 3/4" Stainless Steel hard mounted to the bamboo cabinet to provide significant mass loading for energy dissipation. Three 1/4" - 20 threaded holes for mounting to speaker stand
  • woofer: Seas 51/4" Ceramic layered Aluminum Cone woofer. Low mass aluminum voice coil for transient speed and long throw, 20mm cone travel
  • tweeter: seas .75" High Definition aluminum/magnesium cone. Wide surrond for extended low frequency linearity. Coil and winding are optimized for low compression at high power transient peaks
  • internal wiring: Proprietary Spiral Groove GrooveLine micro-litz wire for all audio signals. Single wire connection, Eichmann Bullet Plug Binding Posts
  • crossover: 18dB Transitional filter. Linear phase, minimal group delay. Proprietary Joachim Gerhard DC-Module minimizes baffle step interaction due to cabinet size. Decoupled mounting technique for isolation from cabinet and driver energy. Teflon capacitors and custom designed and wound Spiral Groove woofer coil.
  • impedance: 8 Ohms
  • efficiency: 86dB/1W/1m
  • power handling: 120W
  • frequency response: 44Hz - 33kHz (-3dB); crossover freq. 1.9kHz
  • dimensions: 41 x 25 x 27 cm
  • weight: 10.9kg (pc)

color options: Honey, Cinnamon, or Licorice