Rhapsody C

Rhapsody line speakers is the first of AudioSolutions products. This speaker line embraces our motto at the most - "the Art and Science in Speakers Engineering". During creation of this line, we put together all our electronics, design, enclosure production knowledge and experience. Most importantly we‘ve put our hearts, so everyone could not only just hear a great sound, but also feel the craftsman's touch in every one of the speakers.
Rhapsody C was created for home cinema enthusiasts as ultimate center channel speaker. This speaker is wide-band and doesn't suffer for lack of bass or highs. This is true center channel speaker. Actually, because of covering wide band frequency, two of these speakers can be used as modern looking front speakers too or LCR speaker system for home cinema when identical sound sources is needed. These center speakers really make an impression with their looks and sound. Dedicated stand is recommended to reveal all speaker potentional. Curved shape of side walls makes the cabinet less resonant, also it helps to avoid inner standing waves. Rear panel width is only 7,5 cm, there is practically no area for sound to reflect from the rear panel back through thin cones of the drivers.

Two way, bass reflex cabinet. 2nd order minimalist approach crossover with pin-to-pin construction. Crossover submerged in compound-quartz sand mix to minimize interaction between crossover and internal acoustical waves or mechanical vibrations. All cabinet walls are made of three layers material. Two inner layers are plywood 5mm each, outer layer are 10mm MDF. Rear, top and bottom walls are 44mm thick, side walls - 20mm.


  • power handling: 75W RMS
  • frequency response (in-room): 45-25000Hz
  • sensitivity: 90dB
  • impedance: DC 3,8Ohm, min. 3,4Ohm@243Hz, max. 13,6Ohm@78,5Hz
  • crossover frequency: 3000Hz
  • drivers: 2,5cm silk dome tweeter, two 15cm classic coated paper cone mid-bass drivers
  • dimensions (HxWxD): 212x715x373mm
  • weight: 20kg